Program Ignites Excitement and Curiosity

The North Platte Area Children’s Museum was filled with excitement  on Friday, March 29, 2013.

The North Platte Area Children’s Museum partnered with the Strategic Air & Space Museum to bring a day full of discovery. “Education is so important. I think our schools have so many budget cuts anymore and there are a lot of programming that lacks in the school system so it’s always important to try to add to what the children may or may not be getting to do it in a really fun environment children really thrive in a learning environment when they don’t realize they are learning,” says Heather Halligan, NP Childrens Area Museum.  It’s also a chance to explore without rules with the Strategic Air & Space Museum traveling science outreach program.

“Everybody thinks of scientists as being in a white lab coat and glasses and they sit over a lab and do boring calculations, that’s some part of science but a lot of the other parts can be a lot of fun,” says John Thompson , Strategic Air & Space Museum Outreach Education Specialist.  Friday’s lesson; chemistry. “And it’s super messy chemistry at that so we had some experiments with dry ice, liquid nitrogen, mixtures and measurements, and they get to put all of that knowledge and make some fun slime for them to take home,” says Thompson. Organizers hope today’s lesson will ignite enthusiasm and curiosity. “Maybe they will tell some kids at school about this really cool event that happened at the museum and it just takes off. They start getting excited about science and it spreads and becomes contagious. With the reaction I got today they seemed pretty excited but time will tell,” says Thompson.