Helicopter Day Takes Off!

It’ll be a disappointing summer for air show lovers since the Offutt Air Show was canceled because of the sequestration, but the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland helped fill that void a little Saturday with Helicopter Day.

It’s a sight many children love to watch but don’t often get to see, a helicopter taking off. “When you’re 9-and-a-half you don’t see four helicopters land near each other every day,” said Daniel Steinhauser.

“It was pretty cool,” said his twin brother, Andrew.

The Steinhausers have always been interested in helicopters, so when their dad David heard about Helicopter Day at the Strategic Air and Space Museum he knew he had to take them. “Nice opportunity to talk to the pilots and how the helicopters land and learn all they can.”

That’s just what organizers were hoping for, to allow people to learn about aviation and spark their interest in it. “One of the things we are trying to do is make sure that we are providing experiences for young people and not so young people to learn new things.”


“It’s especially important to have this event this year after Offutt’s show was canceled. Parents were glad Helicopter Day was still on. “We’ve done the air show in the past and the kids love it, so that was disappointing, but this has been great because the kids can play around on the helicopters, take pictures and stay outside,” said mom Jenny Minino.

The children seemed to love it, some so much we might even have some future pilots on our hands. And what was the favorite helicopter of the day? “The Huskers,” said Christian Livsay.

“The Huskers,” said Caden Livsay.

Also at the SAC Museum Saturday was Wings Under The Wings. After watching the helicopters, families could go and enjoy the tasty dish sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings. Other restaurants including the Crescent Moon and Ryan’s Bistro also participated.