Robotics Camp

Robotics CampRobots are the way of the future and their importance is discovered every day through their usage.

The kids in attendance of Robotics Camp at the North Platte Children’s Museum, Monday, got a first-hand experience with the futuristic and fascinating machines

“Robots can go forward and backwards,” says Ken Schroeder, Strategic Air & Space Museum Deputy Dir.

And Monday at the North Platte Children’s Museum, kids got the chance to learn what else robots can do during Robotics Camp.

“With the young kids here today, the idea that we want them to get is that robots will only be able to do things that we teach them to do, so programming. That they have to have energy, they have to have many different factors all working together,” says Schroeder.

Kids participated in three different robotic building stations, allowing them to experience all aspects of the way robots work.

“We’ve got some kids working on circuitry and electronics. We’ve got some other kids just working with basic parts and assembling things and the other kids are actually making a specific part of a robot called an end effector, that will show them the concept of being able to lift,” says Schroeder.

Schroeder’s hope is that the kids get to experience robots and learn more about them through the program, regardless of which part of robotics they show the most interest in.

“I go all over the state doing programs like this and the reality is, no matter what the subject is somebody will always, some people have a natural bend to one piece. Some will have it bent to the other. Some of these kids will be great at designing and building. Some of ’em are going to be great at the electronics. Everybody will find a niche today that they find celebration and a good day where they had a lot of fun, a lot of education and promoting and fostering this whole idea curiosity, which is absolutely important,” says Schroeder.