Cool Science 2 Go

Bring the excitement and wonder of science to your location!  Fueled by Sapp Bros., Inc., SASM Education Staff will bring out a variety of science-based and hands-on learning experiences to your school or event!

To begin the booking process, fill out our scheduling request and the Education Staff will contact you. Questions? Contact staff to get the best experience possible for your students by calling 402-944-3100 ext. 210, or emailing the Education Department. The Museum will come to you if you are in our service area of 80 miles; special permission to visit must be negotiated with the Director of Education.

Our Cool Science 2 Go Program is split into three levels:

Level I “Fast Science”: $250 ($100 for each additional demo)

The SASM staff will perform a science demonstration for your group. This 40-60 minute program will feature a series of fun experiments that will teach the audience science basics. Demos we offer include:

ZAP!: Get electrified with excitement learning about electricity.

Super Cool Science: Cool down with with the knowledge of how materials react to extreme temperatures!

Under Pressure: Atmosphere getting you down? Expand your knowledge with this CRUSHING demo on the nature of pressure!

Level II “Science Combo”: $900

For this two hour program, the SASM Education Staff will perform a demonstration and host a series of activities based on a STEM theme. Our level II offering is great for school family nights, corporate parties or other special events.

Aviation: See our Under Pressure Demo and experiment with plane design with rockets and gliders.

STEM Celebration: See our High Voltage Demo and enjoy a series of hair-raising science activities.

Level III “Full Course Science”: $1,500

550x-Modular-Robots-Cubelets-1 (1)

Cubelets in action. Cubelets are Modular Robotics that snap together by magnets. 16 blocks can be configured into a variety of configurations for simple to complex robots.

The SASM staff will spend the day with your organization delving into a STEM topic. Designed with schools in mind, Level III features curriculum guided by Nebraska State Standards and taught using great hands-on interactives. Program features include a demonstration and a full day of activities. Programs we offer include:

Aviation: Turn your school into a flight zone! Aviation Day includes one demonstration (Under Pressure), and individual class sessions where participants will learn about the basic physics of flight through our app Four Forces (tablets provided), which was developed with UNO, to design and build planes using parts from our collection. Students will then be able to test their custom digital planes. Students will then take what they have learned to build a physical plane using simple materials.

Robotics: Advance your understanding of robotics with this mobile robotics lab! Students will be introduced to the basics of programming using Cubelets. Prefaced by a 

short lecture on programming, students will then use Cubelets to solve a series of design challenges using modular robotics.

Our Level III Programs can be customized for fairs, corporate events, conferences, etc., but the basics of the program remain the same: a demonstration and a series of activities that can be enjoyed throughout the day. 

What are you waiting for?  Let us bring science to you! 

Need a custom program? Staff can customize your outreach experience on demand. Contact staff to get the best experience possible for your students by calling 402-944-3100 ext. 210, or emailing the Education Department.