Throughout the year, we seek to present interactive exhibits that enhance our focus on science, technology, engineering and math. These temporary exhibits keep the museum experience fresh every time you return.

Football: the Exhibit (October 3 – January 3)Football is a 3,000 square foot exhibit that introduces visitors to the science, mathematics and technology behind the game and how they relate to our everyday lives. This highly interactive exhibit provides hands-on learning covering a wide array of science topics through football themed areas such as Forward Pass and Game at the Line of Scrimmage.

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IMG_8449_EditedFootball brings all the excitement and experience of playing football while also teaching about the science that makes it all possible. Test you throwing skills and learn what they truly mean when they say someone has a “rifle arm” in the Passing Cage area. Try and match the speed of an NFL running back and learn the ideal trajectory for kicking a field goal.

Football covers everything from the history of the game to the equipment to the cutting edge medical technology used to prevent and treat common injuries.

IMG_8452_EditedFootball is composed of 9 different zones each addressing a different aspect of the game, from the physics of tackling to the balance needed for cheerleading. Each zone features a mixture of artifacts, text, videos and hands-on activities. So what are you waiting for? Put your helmet on, get in there and score a touchdown at Football!