Mobile Observatory & Outreach Laboratory

webtrailerThe Mobile Observatory and Outreach Laboratory, is the newest addition to the Strategic Air & Space Museum’s education program.  There is nothing like this anywhere within the state or region.

The Strategic Air & Space Museum launched a contest for the best, creative and innovative name for their Mobile Observatory.   The winning name for our Mobile Observatory is Science Outreach Laboratory (SOL). The Strategic Air & Space Museum is bringing ‘SOL’ to the State as well as the Region!

About the Mobile Observatory

This amazing trailer features everything needed to transport and deliver a powerful science and astronomy experience throughout the state and region.  Living quarters include a couch/bed, microwave oven, refrigerator, high definition television, heater, air conditioning, and gas for grilling.  The laboratory/observatory capabilities include a full complement of hand-held ham radios for communication and telemetry, an APRS tracking system, a laptop computer, printer, a complete weather station, red interior lights for night vision, and an extensive remote hook-up system for computer control of outdoor telescopes.  Three powerful AGM batteries and a giant 1200 watt inverter provide 12V and 110V for many days, and the trailer even has 45 watts of solar power to help recharge the power system.  And if that isn’t enough, there is plenty of room to transport loads of science demonstration apparatus and telescopic equipment.

The Strategic Air & Space Museum is taking learning to new heights as they pave the way for future thinkers with the latest and most cutting edge experiences at the museum and in communities across the state and region.

To bring the SOL to you, contact the Education Department at 402-944-3100 ext. 210.