Thank you! Thank you!! Our fifth-graders loved the “Phases of the Moon” workshop, planetarium, and guided tour. They’re still talking about the incredible time they had. We cannot wait to return next year.

Larry was wonderful! You can definitely tell he is a former teacher. He had an amazing way of engaging all of the kids. One of our students commented, “I love this guy!”

Boyd Elementary

I can’t say thank you enough for allowing our large 2nd grade group to visit.  We loved the SR-71 demo, guided tour, planetarium, and astronaut food activity.  We can’t wait to sign up for next year.

Plattsmouth Elem

Being an airplane buff I found this place to be amazing. A great assortment of our strategic aircraft, including an SR 71 Blackbird suspended in the atrium as you enter. It also has a wonderful collection of old war birds, and not just the SAC stuff. A lot of vintage stuff, all in one area, that you can’t see anywhere else. Even some non US aircraft, like the MiG 21. My wife, who’s not into aircraft, was impressed by the massive display.

Steve K.

I just wanted to tell you that our 5th grade class in Gretna thoroughly enjoyed our recent field trip to the MathAlive! exhibit.  As one of my students put it, “I didn’t know math could be so fun!”  Thanks for the great day!

Peggy C.

Thank you so much for the special tour and access you provided my out of town guests and myself.  Each guest truly appreciated the extra effort and are still talking about the remarkable experience at the Strategic Air & Space Museum.  As for me, I look forward to my next visit.

ADM, USN, Commander U.S. StratCom - Cecil Haney

Thank you for a wonderful Cub Scout overnight on Friday. It was my son’s last one and he will miss them. We love the museum and hope to frequent it more often.

Cubmaster Pack 99, St. Vincent DePaul

Dave M

Thank you so much for all your help in planning a great field trip for the BACH group.  We had a great day celebrating and honoring our Veterans.  And the MathAlive! exhibit was outstanding!

Shawna - BACH Group

I wanted to thank you for this fun evening! I talked to several people and learned A LOT that I can use in my math classroom. Thank you for offering such great support for teachers and our students!!!

Annmarie Andersen - Reeder Elementary

Thanks so much for the B-17 tour and wonderful pictures.  It was an experience that I will not soon forget – plus I’ll have the pictures to remind me.  So glad that I was able to attend the presentation by Col Moses and the tour of the B-36 today.  I was struck by the number of children attending this morning.  It speaks well for the Museum’s education program that parents would bring their young children early on a Saturday morning.  It speaks well for those parents too!!   On a more personal note, sitting under the wing of a BUF brought back a lot of memories for this old crewdog (although certainly the chairs, tables and “catered breakfast” were not at all a part of my previous experience!!).


Thanks again!!

Allan S.

Amazing experience. Bob’s personal tour was wonderful. Our field trip coordinator was excellent. Spectacular electricity demonstration. Thank You.

E. Hoffmann

Thank you for making this such a memorable time for our students. I have to say this was the best field trip experience I have been part of in my 20+ years of teaching.

Suzanne P.

My father was stationed at SAC for many years and was a test pilot. I was so pleased to see some of the aircraft he was involved with as well as seeing names of other pilots that I remember visiting our home often. I have brought my sons to the museum and continued to share the love of military aircraft with them. Thank you for taking me back on a wonderful journey filled with great memories growing up.

With my fondest sincerity,

Susan C

Susan C.

Two weeks ago, my group of Vietnam Veterans took a walk through your museum. We were led by your Terry Currey to see, learn about and enjoy the collection of aircraft that protected the world from the rest of the world. His enthusiasm for the aircraft was not wasted on us “ground pounders”. After our delightful tour, we told our reunion group at the hotel in Council Bluffs about our experience, and it was fun to watch some of our guys tell about your planes and the Viet Vet who showed us around.

Thank you for what you do, and our thanks to Terry for his tour and his service to our country.

Well done.

Don Lucy, 629th Ordnance Company, Vietnam, 1965-66

Don L.

I had a wonderful time this morning during the Member’s Second Saturday event.  I really enjoyed the stories Don told the group about his adventures in the C-47.  It is as plane with a marvelous history that should be shared with everyone who enjoys history of flight.  Thank you so much for hosting the event.

John B.

Dear Colonel Everett Webster,

Thank you so much for giving us a tour of the museum.  It was facinating to hear all about these planes and seeing how real they are.  The fact tht you served in three wars and used some of these planes made it all the more real.  My favorite part was listening to you share your knowledge with us and seeing just how passionate you are about the aircraft.  Thank you for serving!

St. Augustin Catholic School

Thank you for the tour of the Strategic Air & Space Museum.  I learned so much about the aircraft.  I wouldn’t have thought about going to this museum but I definitely want to come back with my family.  It was so neat to climb inside some of the aircraft.

St. Augustin Catholic School

We felt very lucky to have such a knowledgeable presenter. Your vast experience and knowledge made this a really enjoyable & educational experience for our sixth graders.

Each time I tour the museum I feel so fortunate that we live near this facility, and I am grateful to you and others for helping preserve our heritage and passing on your experiences to our younger generation.

I personally loved your story about getting the Blackbird to/into the museum.

You were an inspirational speaker and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your skill in reaching out to our 11 & 12 yr old students.

Candy C.

Now, thanks to you, I am thinking about studying history of World War II aircrafts so I can volunteer to work and give tours in the museum.

Springfield Elem Student

The tour was so fun.  I loved the big bombers and the small jets. You did a really good job of describing what the planes were used for and how they were unique.  My all time favorite was the Blackbird. It was so big but really thin at the same time.

Springfield Elem Student

Thank you for giving us an extraordinary tour with all the planes. I loved it when you told the fascinating stories about your experiences.

Springfield Elem Student

Thank you so much for our field trip! The students loved it and learned a lot. Our tour guide Nick was wonderful! He kept students engaged and made learning fun. THANKS again!
Elwood Public Schools

Sandy Dean

Thank you for letting us come and tour your museum. There were some awesome planes, my favorite plane was the black bird! Your rides were super duper fun!! The planatarium was fascinating, and learning about the stars was interesting! I had a great time! Thanks again for letting us come to your museum I learned a lot and had a great experience!!

Student at Elwood Public Schools

It was a very fun and educational tour. The scavenger hunt was my favorite part and was a challenge.

Student From Elwood Public Schools

I had a wonderful time at the museum!! The planetarium was an amazing experience!! Getting to learn about all the different planes was also very cool! I wish we could of gotten to see more of the museum!

Student from Elwood Public School

Although we showed our friends from Ireland EVERYTHING in Omaha, this was the highlight of their visit and is now included in their pictures to show their Irish friends and family, as well as posted on Facebook!  We cannot express to you how much we appreciated the hospitality of your staff and the magnificence of the Museum.  It is a JEWEL in Omaha’s crown!

Mark & Vickey K.